The Rising Storm Interview

Hello Ziejąca, Michał, Grzegorz , Marcin and Jeremiasz

Musicandgamer : How and when began « The Rising Storm » 

Marcib: It all started 5 years ago, when I met Michał. We were talking a lot about music and we decided to start a band. We didn’t have drummer, it was a huge problem at the beginning. We had 3 members, 2 guitars and bassist. We were playing some classic covers like For Whom the Bell Tols, Walk, Slave New World or Black Night in bassist’s father car repair shop. Next year we found drummer and vocalist and we started to practice in Oborniki. Then we played few first gigs and it all started to go in a right direction.

Musicandgamer : The the Line up ?

Marcib: Since we started to play, our band has 5 members. Now The Rising Storm are : Marcin « Kaziu /Ziejąca masa» Kaźmierski – vocal, Jeremiasz « Jerry » Baum – Drums, Grzegorz « Lucy » Wojtasik – bass, Michał Partyka – lead guitar and Marcin « homoassburner » Gronowski – rhythm guitar. First lineup was completed by : Kamil Sell – bass, Mateusz Paprota – drums and Marcin Erdmann – vocal. Things are changing but our band and music have a strong spine.

Musicandgamer : In what kind of Metal did you think you are?

Marcib: It’s hard nut to crack for me, it’s hard to clear qualify TRS to some kind of metal. I’m sending our music to people and presenting us as a death/thrash band. Sometimes I have answers like « what the fuck are you talking about ? It’s groove metal ! », listeners can qualify our music on their own. We are using term death/thrash because we think it’s the closest to our material. There is no point to name it, to close everything in one or two words.

Musicandgamer : Who compose the songs actually ?

Marcib: It’s always the same process. Michał and me are the main songwriters. We compose new riffs which are shown on rehearsals or via Internet. There are some differences beetwen my composition and Michał’s, but I think it enriches our material. Michał adds more melodies, my songs are more direct and agressive. Then we start to thinking about it together, Jerry and Lucy tell us what we can change or do better, they always have some valuable advices. Kaziu is focus on writing lyrics, he takes action when music is ready.

Musicandgamer : Who are your mentors, your references in Metal Music ?

Marcib: It depends, each of us listen to diffrent kind of music/metal. Jerry like modern bands like Animals as Leaders or Periphery, Kaziu’s favourite genre is metalcore, for me and Lucy the best are classics like Slayer, Death, Sepultura. Michał listen to every kind of metal or rock, but his favourite band is Led Zeppelin, he admire Jimmy Page’s style of play. But there is one band, that connect our music taste. We all love Death and a real legend – Chuck Schuldiner. Every year we organise an event called Stormfest and we commemorate anniversary of Chuck’s passing.

Musicandgamer : Do you already have created or recorded any EP or LP?

Marcib: Last year we released EP « In The Name of What ?! » limited to 500 copies which includes our five compositions. It ‘s availaible on youtube and bandcamp, of course for free. « In The Name of What ?! » was recorded at our drummer’s father studio – PGR Studio. Actually we are trying to promote this material, our concert setlist always icludes all songs from EP. But it isn’t our first release, we also have four songs demo « Born In Storm ». Sometimes it was critcised for quality of sound, but this songs can kill every audience at gigs. I’m so proud of « Born In Storm » and « In The Name of What ?! », my dreams came true and I hope it’s only the beginning

Musicandgamer : What about your future projects. ?

Marcib: We are preparing to record full-length album. Actually, we are focused on collecting ideas and trying to compose new material. We have few new songs, but this is only the beggining of composing process. I don’t want to tell you concrete dates when we release new album because we are always late J I think it will be available next year.

Musicandgamer : Is it easy for a of Polish Metal band to express itself completely?

Marcib: If you are able to express yourself without earning any money and you are strong enough to win in struggling every day to play your favourite music, yes, it is possible. Metal music is (with few exceptions like Behemoth, Vader) not a music for masses in our country. We experienced few very sad situations like gigs of big bands without audience. This is a real disaster to see when Wolf Spider or Antigama is playing for 10 people. View from the other side can be more optimistic. With limited budget we play in front of different audience in Poland, we got a lot of positive response from people. Maybe this is a fuel that makes us able to play.

Musicandgamer : Concerts, festivals planned these next time ?

Marcib: On late spring we are organising tour with bands from our region – Mepharis, Outbred, Aberrancy, Savior and Exist. Now we have few gigs in Poznań and Ostrów wlkp. We want to take part in some festivals and band contests, but it depends from jury decisions. We need to win qualify and gain positive opinions from experts. Sometimes it is sad that decisions are made through connections, but we hope that our music will defend itself without paying under table, etc.

Musicandgamer : To finish, what is the question that you would have liked that I ask you?

Marcib: It will be pleasure to hear a question are we interested in playing gigs in France… (laugh).  Of course you are able to help us with everything, I mean logistics and booking in your country.
I bet our manager would start to learn French immediately. We are determined to share our music abroad not only by internet. I would also like to hear a question which bands from Polish underground are worth to listen. I can list some bands from deep underground : Mepharis, Dying Spirit, Outbred, Maggoth, Unborn Suffer. And of course a lot of wider known bands like Azarath, Stillborn, Furia, Massachist.

A big thank to all the members of The Rising Storm for this Interview

Contact: Marcin Gronowski


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    GREAT !!!!!!!!!

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    Bonne interview, ceci dit une traduction en Français serait la bienvenue.

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