Return to Ceyrior VII, the new Order To Ruin


  1. World Eater
  2. The Stormlake‘s Tale
  3. Dating Lucifer
  4. Mary-Jane
  5. Return to Ceyrior VII
  6. Alone With My Knife
  7. Into the Devil‘s Mansion
  8. The Conjurer
  9. The Bearing of Time

Label: Self-released
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 10/02/2018

Return to Ceyrior VII is the 5th Full Lenght album of them

Since the intro of the album « World Eater » talking about zombies, make us into the darkness of the whole album. « Return to Ceyrior VII » clearly shows where the inspiration comes from…Death, Melodic Death absolutely amazing. The guitar parts with a lot of harmonies and catchy leads, and they knows what they are doing.
Back from the style of the ’90, they playing with the spit what they already have show. The song « Mary Jane » has some very hard lyrics with a beautiful harmony, and reveal them in them intact style. The screaming voice is very interesting, and the whole instrument too. It’s also one on ma favorite song.
The songwriting capabilities are widely well made by Denis Pfeffer who compose all the songs. The whole instruments and vocal are perfect on this new album.

They really have stink to make the difference with their precedent albums, how, of course, are good too! But their is something special on « Return to Ceyrior VII »…they evolved a lot, and they know how to go up their talents which are intensive. In fact they know how to go. Pure Metal, true Metal. lThey just have find a well deserved label.


You can read their interview HERE


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