Interview: Order to Ruin

GERMAN Melodic Death Metal band

Hello Denis, Mike and Simon


-Musicandgamer : How and when began « Order to Ruin »?

-Denis : I started Order to Ruin together with Simon back in 2011 and our first Ep was released in beginning of 2012. It was the idea to play oldschool melodic death metal far away from the mainstream.

-Musicandgamer : What about the the Line up ?

-Denis : The lineup is stable nowadays. With Mike and Simon we found a good way to work, even if we are living in different cities.  We want to write the same kind of music and that works pretty well.

-Musicandgamer : You have no drummer ; is it a choice from you?    

-Mike: Yes it is a choice from us. On all of our releases we use a drumcomputer. This enables us to lower the production costs and to write new songs a lot faster. Often the use of a drumcomputer is a big point of critique in the reviews we get from webzines or magazines. We can understand that not everybody likes the sound of a drumcomputer but still it is the most handy way for us to write our music. We might change that fact for the next album. Just a few days ago Denis and I talked about the idea to involve a real drummer as a session member for the next album. This is only an idea for the moment but we will see what happens in the future.

-Musicandgamer : You don’t have any current label actually. So how do you realize your music ?

-Mike : Yes we are not signed with a label because we never really  tryed to get a contract. We also never got a good offer from anyone. So far we can stand on our own feet good enough. The big adavantage of signing with a label is the promotion. Labels always have a lot of connections and better opoortunities to promote the music. Order To Ruin could really need this kind of promotion in the future to reach a lot more people from all over the world. Of course you can do a lot by yourself nowadays but when you have to do all the promotion by yourself,  you have a lack of time for writing music.

-Musicandgamer : Tell me a bit more about the the ambiance, the mood, the recording condition,of your albums

-Mike : Our music is a mix between a punch in your face and very melodic guitar parts with a lot of harmonies and catchy leads.

-Denis always starts to record riffs, melodies and ideas for the new songs at home and slowly build a new album up from there. When the songs are more or less finished he sends the new songs to me and I provide the bassline for it. If there is an advantage of modern technology than it is the fact that the whole technology for homerecordings got much more affordable in the last couple of years. So due to that we are able to record everything at home. When all the songs are composed and recorded I take them into my studio for the mixing and mastering.

-Musicandgamer : In what kind of Metal did you think you are?

-Denis : We have the roots back in the 90s. The time where great bands like Sacrilege, The Everdawn and for example Gates of Ishtar release their highlights. There are also some Iron Maiden influences. It is very great to put those influences together.

-Musicandgamer : Who compose the songs actually ?

-Mike: The maincomposer for Order To Ruin is Denis. Most of the songideas come from him, some riffs and songs are written by Simon. I wrote a few lyrics in the past when I joined the band but on the last two albums all the lyrics came from Denis as well.

-Musicandgamer : Some people say that Metal music is violant, brutal, satanic ect…What is your position on this?

-Mike : Metal music is a way of expression. Metal is extreme and that leeds you to an open mind. As in every kind of art you don’t care about taboos or rules which would forbid you to write about certain things.
I wouldn’t call Metal music brutal, satanic or violent because I would say such things about a painting from a famous  artist either for example. Its just a wrong way of understanding or to interpret art. Often people mark out the lyrics about violent topics or satanism in metal, which are just a few when you see the whole metal genre in all its diversity.

You can read satanic or brutal lyrics and condemn them or you can see the deeper meaning or art behind it.

-Musicandgamer : How do you find about the evolution of Metal music at present ?

-Mike : I think that the evolution of Metal music is now bigger than ever before. Metal as a genre is and gets more open,wide and versatile with every day and it is really hard to see where Metal will go in the future. The metal community is becoming bigger as well  and so do the concerts, festivals and other events.

-Denis : Most of the bigger bands who are signed with big labels release very unspectacular albums these days. The wow effect is not present anymore. All bands have very good musicians, good productions but often the soul and spirit of the music is missing. They sound empty. There are still very good bands, but they are hard to find, because they are as small as we are.

-Musicandgamer : Who are your mentors, your references in Metal Music ?

-Denis : One of the greatest guitarists in this genre is Jesper Strömblad I think. His sound has influenced thousand of other bands. Other references in metal as a whole are Bruce Dickinson, Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske and as another guitarist Jon Schaffer. Fucking great guitar play.

-Musicandgamer : Which are your future projects. ?

-Mike : We wanna write the next album of course and grow with it as every time when we release something new.  We would consider to sign with a label when we get a chance and a good offer. Who knows what the future brings!

-Musicandgamer : Do you think that your last album (Lunar Asylum) is considered as a «mature » album for you and for your fans ?

-Mike: For us it is definitely. We are super proud of Lunar Asylum and we were also on Where Future Shadows Unfold when it was released. We try to grow with every new release and make things better every time. We asked us already with the release of Where Future Shadows Unfold :
“Can we top that ?” . We did ! At least in our opinion and we will try everything to make the next release even better. With an eye at the reviews for Lunar Asylum it looks good as well and we get very positive feedback.

-Musicandgamer : Is it easy for a German Metal band to express itself completely?

-Mike : Yes we have no problems in this case.

-Musicandgamer : Any concerts, festivals planned these next time ?

-Mike: Due to the distance between the places where we live, we are remaining as a studio project. It would make no sense for us to plan any concerts because we basicly don’t have time for it and the effort would be to big to make it happen.

-Musicandgamer : To finish, what is the question that you would have liked that I ask you?

-Mike: I wouldn’t think of any. You did a good job.

A big thanks to « Order to Ruin » to give us the opportunity to do this interview

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    Great interview, and awesome band ; I really like their music!!!!

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